Professional Services

Managed Services

Managed services provide a stress-free computing environment. What makes OlivesTouch’s Managed IT offering standout is that we are accountable to our clients. Our approach to managed services takes care of backup and recovery, data management, and software support and maintenance. These IT services are delivered with round-the-clock monitoring. With OlivesTouch on watch, companies will never notice anything going wrong because our trained staff will take care of any issue before it escalates.

Greater operational efficiency, streamlined processes, higher productivity: These benefits and more were likely on your organization’s wish list when you invested in critical business applications. Are you gaining these paybacks in the IT department itself? Or are your people spending so much time on routine maintenance and support, they don’t have time to focus on key organizational initiatives?

Take the work and staffing expense out of maintaining your organization’s applications. Our flexible solutions allow you to select the degree of service that’s right for your organization.

In addition to Application Management, OlivesTouch provisions and manages the infrastructure, operating systems, database administration, disaster recovery and security of your business applications.

Our Managed Services includes:
• Installation, upgrades, and application of patches
• Optimization, performance analysis, and performance tuning
• Data auditing, trouble-shooting, and analytics support
• Application consulting