Process Manufacturing

We know complexities of your process

Process Manufacturing is the branch of manufacturing that is associated with formulas and manufacturing recipes. The simplest and easiest way to grasp the definition of process manufacturing is to recognize that, once an output is produced by this process, it cannot be distilled back to its basic components. In other words, "once you put it together, you cannot take it apart".

Formulation is a simple concept, but it is often incorrectly equated with a bill of materials. Formulation specifies the ingredients and the amounts (e.g., pounds, gallons, liters) needed to make the product. The first thing to recognize is that to be able to work with a formula, the units of measure must correspond to flexible unit of measure and conversion rules. The proportions of ingredients in a formula also highlight the need for another feature, namely scalability. Some other challenges specific to Process Manufacturing are shelf life, potency, yields, grade, seasonality, lot genealogy, sequencing, catch-weight, compliance, etc.

Just like the products that they produce, discrete and processing manufacturing software have different focal points and solve different problems. For the same reason that the proverbial square peg does not fit in the round hole, software geared toward discrete, or even hybrid manufacturing will not work smoothly in a process manufacturing setting. Even process manufacturing software alone needs to be tailored to a particular business context. Critical aspects such as formulation, routing, ingredients, unit of measure, lot trace-ability and product & implementation pricing must be evaluated relative to the business.

We at OLIVESTOUCH understand the challenges of this industry and offer skills, knowledge, and experience to provide solutions specific for Process Manufacturing. We partner with leading software vendors and service providers to offer complete end-to-end solution to following industry vertical:

• Food and Beverage

• Paints and Coatings

• Chemicals and Fertilizers

• Pharmaceuticals

• Nutraceuticals (Nutrients, dietary supplements, herbal products, and specific diets)

• Cosmeceuticals

• Metals and Minerals

• Textiles

• Tobacco and Tire

• Paper and Pulp